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Selasa, 09 April 2013

Bintan Berakit Traditional Fishing Festival

About Bintan Berakit Traditional Fishing Festival
Bintan just an hour from Singapore by high speed boat, may beach reach from Singapore and Johor Bahru Malaysia to Bandar Bentan Telani at Bintan Resort or Sri Bintan Pura at Tanjungpinang,  Bintan which has been populer as a tourism destination since 1990 and most of people familiar with Bintan. located on the northern part of Bintan, Berakit is a fishermans village which most of the communities are working as fishermans it was famous as a fishing destination by the locals and Tourists from Singapore and Malaysia, most of the coral reef are preserved and makes this part as a playground of small and big fishes
This Bintan Berakit Traditional Fishing Festival is an event to educate local fisherman in term to preserve the cora; reef, and also to promote as a fishing destination for tourist to helps local on economic growht.  

Time and Location

Day 1 :  Saturday / 27 April 2013
·         Welcome Party at Bintan Berakit 19.30 pm on ward
·         Activities : Cultural Show and Entertaiment

Day 2 : Sunday / 28 April 2013
·         Fishing Start at 07.00 am finish at 15.00 pm
·         Judgement
·         Prize Prestation
·         Event end 17.00

How to get There :

Singapore :
From Tanah Merah to Bandar Bentan Telani :

From Tanah Merah to Sri Bintan Pura Tanjungpinang 
Monday to friday 
08.50    Falcon Ferry
09.20    Wave Master
12.30    Sindo Ferry
15.00    Falcon Ferry
15.30    Wave Master
18.20    Sindo Ferry

Saturday - Sunday 

08.50    Falcon Ferry 
09.20    Wave Master
10.20    Sindo Ferry 
13.10    Falcon Ferry  
13.30    Wave Master 
17.10    Falcon Ferry 

17.30    Wave Master 
18.20    Sindo Ferry 

Stulang Laut Johor Bahru to Sri Bintan Pura Tanjungpinang 

Location :

Partipants :
Participant in a group consit of 3 persons + 1 captain and 1 Crew

  • Overseas from other Countries
  • Domestic and Local

Term and Conditions :
  1. Fishing gear  and Fishing Bait provided by participants might be brought with local at the location
  2. Duration of Fishing 8 Hours include travelling to fishing spot and return trip.
  3. Participants are in a team consist of 3 participant + 1 captain and 1 crew and must registered at Commitee
  4. All participants to wear life jacket
  5. GPS, Eco Sounder are allowed
  6.  Commite has right to check all participants boat before it start
  7.  Participants only fishing at designated area
  8.  Not allowed to received or send fish to other participants
  9. Minimum distance 15 m each boat at anchorage area
  10.  No swim at fishing area
  11. Participant to adjust Registration Number which is applicable for boat number
  12. All participant has to follow all terms and conditions and Commite has right to disqualification for breaking term and conditions

Pictures Gallery :

This event Organized by : 
Bintan Tourism and Culture Office 

Profesional support by EMKA Tours and Events

Package 2 days 1 Nights

S $ 70 Nett 

Includes :
  1. Two ways transfer Jetty to Hotel
  2. Accomodation base on twin share
  3. Registration fee
  4. Free Hat 
  5. Insurance 
  6. Life Jacket 
  7. Guide / Liasion to Commitee
Excludes :
1.       Fishing Bait
2.       Personal Expenses
3.       Meals
4.       Ferry Tickets and Tax

Info and Inquaries :
EMKA Tours and Events 
Jalan Ahmad Yani No. 14 B Batu 5 atas Tanjungpinang Kepulauan Riau
Telp :  +627717005200
Mobile :  +628126197586
Email :
BBM : 2645DD4E

*some data and information are not available at the moment and will be brought to you immediatly 

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